Baked cod with chorizo and lime crumb

Baked cod with chorizo and lime crumb

This recipe for baked cod with chorizo and lime crumb is a great way to give a big hit of flavour to a lovely piece of fish. Although I’ve used cod, you can substitute haddock or any firm white fish. Make sure you use nice chunky fillets so they don’t overcook while the crust crisps up in the oven.

The fish has a delicious crust made from breadcrumbs flavoured with chorizo, lime, garlic and parsley. Chorizo isn’t exactly health food, but you only need a small amount because it’s such a strong taste. It’s a match made in heaven with fish. The lime zest in the crumb, and the lime juice in the marinade gives the recipe a real zing too! If you’re not keen on lime, you could try lemon instead for a different citrusy twist.

This recipe is also pretty quick to make as well. Although it has a few ingredients in the crust, you really just need to throw them in a food processor and blitz them, which only takes a couple of minutes. Another time-saving option is to make a double batch (or more!) of the chorizo breadcrumb mixture and freeze it for another day.

Baked cod with chorizo and lime crumb – thanks again to the hairy bikers

I’ve adapted this dish from a recipe in The Hairy Bikers’ Eat For Life. I’ve been enjoying quite a few recipes from this book this year. I love spending time in the kitchen, but sometimes you just don’t have the time. I find the Hairy Bikers recipes tend to be really good for relatively simple and quick meals. You could easily make this on a weeknight if you’ve got half an hour to spend on dinner.